Welcome to my Website

Scandal Cats is a small cattery that has been showing and breeding Persians and Exotics for more than 12 years. I endured all the trials and tribulations associated with being a new exhibitor and breeder. I have used top lines in my program such as Bayou Moon, Patlen, Chantilylace, Chancery, Joleigh, Belcats, Marhei, Becton, Profecy, Dega-Bulu, Desmin, Sybarit, as well as others. They were chosen for their beautiful expressions, cobbiness and boning that meets the CFA standard for the Persian/Exotic Breed. My cats are PKD DNA Negative and have been tested by UC Davis. I produce a rainbow of colors including silver tabbies and smokes!

I have had the good fortune to have a wonderful mentor, Vickie Chatburn. I have valued her friendship and benefited from her knowledge of cat genetics, breeding and showing Persians and Exotics. Vickie, you will always be in my memory and heart and every time I look at an Exotic! Thank you for your friendship, see you on the other side!

Thanks to the breeders and friends who have entrusted me with their beautiful cats to start my program. Without them I would not have enjoyed the successes I have had to this point! Thanks to my valued friends in the Cat Fancy that have helped me at the shows, stuck by me and have keep my spirits high!

Please enjoy your visit while you meet my beautiful and distinguished Persians and Exotics!